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Considering selling the apartment - but I have bookings


I may have to sell the apartment I am renting out on Only trouble is that I have bookings for May and June already.

Is it possible to cancel bookings that far in advance?

Also it may be possible that I buy another apartment in the area, can I transfer the bookings to that?





Yes you should be able to cancel. You could actually simple message them or call them and explain closing down and that you will send a cancel request. Then click on cancel in the reservation to initiate it , then wait for them to open the email and click to confirm.


If they do not within a few days, then reach out to the support team. See below for contact info.


Kind Regards



Consider linking your Property link into your partner profile as it helps other partners assist you, especially when starting out .


How To Guide :…


How To Contact


If  urgent,  call the dedicated phone number* found in your extranet Inboxtab. Under Messages, Click on Contact us to reveal the phone number.  

For more general info you can contact one of our main lines for help.


Got a specific financial question?

Call the dedicated  phone number* found in the ‘Financial Overview’ section of the ‘Finance’ tab in your extranet.

Please note that our finance team is available during business hours, Monday to Friday only.

M Adamopoulou

Dont forget to close your calendar so you do not receive any more reservations.

Wish you all the best.

M Adamopoulou

Oh! so you are hoping to sell it.

Maybe you should stay with and when the big deal arrives you can cancel your reservations...

Wish you luck.


If you cancel, it will give negative points to you. I would advise to call when you will know for sure you have the sell contract and dates, then Booking customer service will relocate your guests. It is easy and safe. You also can offer your new location to the guest and mention your new location (if its ready to be set up for the guests) to the customer service. 

Best guests to All, Marita


Torvald Baade …

Thanks, yes I want to avoid negative points. Thing is it may or may not happen, so I don't really want to block out dates for prime season before I know...

Community Admin

Hi Torvald Baade Bringsvor, we can't agree more with what was said by the others. If you are considering to sell your property maybe closing the availability could be an option, since if you are really going to terminate the contract you have two options:

1) Keep the existing bookings, get invoiced and than terminate the contract.

2) Don't keep the existing bookings, find an alternative (Extra costs can be applied as the alternative can be expencive than the original booking) , get invoiced and terminate the contract.

Just FYI: If the new owner decides to keep the listing in BDC, than the correct step will be change of ownership rather than termination of the contract.




Torvald Baade …


The thing is that I have not put the apartment on the market yet. And if I choose to do so it may not sell for a while, if at all. But maybe selling with the existing bookings (and just change ownership as you say) could be the best option. Even if the new owner doesn't want to be on BDC permanently they probably won't say no to some initial income.

M Adamopoulou

I think thats a very good option too.

Wish you luck whatever you decide to do.