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Marita 2 years ago

Mari, you are such a good help. You know everything :) 

How are you guys doing there? 

We are lockdown in CA and it is only 14 days, but feels forever.  Our lives probably never will be the same.  I don't know what to do with my place, It is so expensive to keep and not knowing if this will be for 1 month or 3 or 5?

Best Health wishes, Marita


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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Dear Marita,

Thanks for your kind words...I don’t know everything I just like to search and learn about this demanding tourist field...

I am afraid we have to learn to live this way for a very long time...until vaccine is available...

Nobody knows what to do...hope we survive....

All hotels in Greece  are closed up until 30.4. for the time being.

 Staying at home is the only solution...see it as a chance to enjoy little things that you didn’t have time to enjoy before...admire the sky, the sunrise, the sunset, the flowers...

Stay healthy my beautiful girl....

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Marita 2 years ago

Thank you! Stay safe!