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corona positive person in the gite

corona positive person in the gite

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thats for you to handle. nothing to do with BdC. entirely up to you.

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Hello, Simone Scholten! Thanks for sharing. This is what we have in our special COVID-19 content. You can learn more here:…

What role do guests play in keeping my property safe and clean?

Your guests also play a significant role in taking reasonable precautions to minimise risks. Our guidelines for guests – which we also encourage you to share and practice – include these points:

  • Guests should follow the government's and the property’s safety measures.
  • The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control recommends you inform guests about the local situation when they arrive. You should also give them advice on how to access healthcare services if they develop symptoms. For example, you could provide contact details for local health services and national hotlines.
  • If guests experience symptoms before check-in or during their stay, they should isolate themselves and inform both you and
  • If local authorities require or recommend it, guests should register on a track-and-trace app.
  • Guests should report any health and safety incidents at your property to’s Customer Service team.