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Costa Rica - who should client pay ? booking or us ?


our guest booked from Dec 27 till January 2. booking says prepayment will apply. 

is prepayment for us owners or will booking do it ? thanks ! 

Nicoleimage from the customer

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BrookAve 1 year ago


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Hi Nicole


So I suspect you have not applied for BdC  payment services::

  1. BdC Online Payments
  2. Payments by Booking


I can see where the confusion is, but in general if the guest pays at check out, then the reservation details page will tell you so.


Also the Reservations List page  Status column , will say OK  - Paid Online , if they did.

check those two things before you phone BdC Support




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Nicole Jordan 1 year ago


thx ! my question is 

who has the client to pay to ? 

booking or owner ?