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Covid security


Im managing a family b and b with 4 bedrooms to rent. I got a reservation for one of them from a person who is living at Marseille (classified Red Zone of covid 19 ) which was declared tonight the 1st epidemic center in France with already full hospitals.

I asked this customer to report or cancel his reservation due to sanitary security for the other guests with whom he would share the bathroom, diningroom, corridors etc. But no answer nor cancellation yet. 

How to ensure everybodys security in the case he decides to show whatever the sanitary state of his origine place ? Can I refuse his booking ?

Thanks for a very quick answer as this guest didnt answer to my messages on the past days and is supposed to come tomorrow.

M Adamopoulou

Hi Marie and welcome to the Partner Community.

Sorry to hear about your difficulties with your guest....

If you refuse reservation you have to relocate your guest...

Maybe it’s better if you call your BDC local office and ask them to support you.

Wish you luck.


Tough situation. Did you call the guest? Sometimes people don't read emails. I agree that you should call your local authorities to analyze the situation. I'm sorry but maybe, if there are no restrictions, you can't refuse the client.

Do you know any vacation rental around you? Maybe you can ask them to host these guests. Will be safer as they won't stay with other people.

Maybe is you will have to pay (or offer to clean the house after the booking) but security comes first I think

Good luck


Miguel G.

Hosting since 2013 and Sync Rentals owner

Marie-Odile Albrecht

Thank you. I tried again to reach the guest, this time phoning him directly (answering machine) and asking him to report or cancel, point blank.  Finally he replied that he would agree not to come but , even if he had chosen an unrefundable booking, asking me to get his full reemboursement as I was the one cancelling.

That is for me a big loss but sort of making  sense, so that is where we are and I am to support him with his asking of a refund.

You are right, security first, as they say. But people should have a better self-control or judgement and find by themselves when not to put others at risk and to cancel, instead of taking a risk without thinking about twice, making a good deal with their booking... and letting the host alone later,  sounding unfriendly and getting the financial loss.

Again thanks for your support. I think Im to prepare a little message to be sent just immediately after the booking,  about risks and cancellation policy for red zones/lands future customers, to help them realizing that they SHOULD better not to travel while the virus is picking up again...



Super nice to hear that. Congratulations on the great job you have done.

You only have to contact the Booking help desk to make the cancellation free of charge. 

Agree 100% with you, guests should think twice before making a non-refundable reservation during these tough times.

Be aware that the cancellation policy is the rule. I mean, no matter the message you send, if the Booking terms and conditions say that you have to host the guest or pay if they have to search an alternative.

Maybe it's better to have only fully refundable policies or not make a super big discount for non.refundable. that way, if guests find themselves in this situation will be more open to cancel. Just saying.


Again, congratulations on the hard work


Miguel G



M Adamopoulou

Unfortunately some guests although they choose non-refundable rates they ask for refunds....

Wish you all the best.