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COVID19 managing realistic expectations as a partner

Hi all 


Firstly I do not work for BdC. 


I dont expect us to agree on everything,  nor have same scale of operations and issues to deal with.


Looking back over the last few weeks, and seeing alot of repetition on topics.


Seeing the replies, and multitude of posts on same exact topic.


We all need to stop, take a moment and let the proverbial penny drop.


1. partner contract with Force Majeure, to refund fully, if and only if guest applies for it via BdC.


Get ahead of this and directly offer alternatives so they dont request it from BdC.


2. Travel insurance with Force Majeure clause


 That by default will not cover claims by guests.

Only guests with a special policy covering FM will be covered.

It's a hard pill to swallow for both guests and partners. 



3. Non- refundable bookings


asking for full refunds, instead of negotiating other options.


Be smart engage directly with guest in a polite clinical way so they understand you too are effected by this.


Offer voucher for direct booking;

Offer change dates directly,  block the future dates. 

Offer partial refund up to 50% by IBAN  bank transfer 




4. Some Partners being lazy not reading what is directly in front of them on partner hub.


Way too many not even looking at sections like Trending, Featured, unanswered,  etc.


Even do not bother to use search feature. 


And right in front of us is Solutions, Partner  help on top middle area. Its literally right there. 


Flooding posts on same topic is counterproductive.


Replying to your own post with no other replies moves it from unanswered to recent, and then out of sight,  which can then result in no one seeing it.






5. Some partners closing rooms or ending partnership as a result of the travel restrictions and refunds.




6. EU consumer law does not apply to any of this. Misinformation. 


7. Mental health awareness 

Keeping it in is not good, venting is important but do it offline unless theres actually something actionable.  99% of the time it's not.

That's  not to say you cant  vent but let's not start silly pointless things like petitions to over turn policies like F.M. it's just not going to happen. 


8. Self isolation , routines, health and safety 

Be smart, pay attention to local and government announcements.

YouTube has many  of these as full or short clips.

Stick to official sources.


9. Social media, misinformation and blatant fake accounts sharing fake information 


Similar to last point, dont get sucked into debates online on twitter etc.

Theres are accounts reported to be pretending to be valid medical advise.


Opinions will differ on these platforms, and it can be easy to get drawn into hopping on the proverbial band wagon for one side or another. 


E.g. Piers Morgan on Twitter,; Donald trump on Twitter 

We all have  an opinion on things, which can be based more on feeling than fact. 


We can suffer from instant reactions to something we see on a tweet, feel appalled; righteous; etc


Simply start to resist the urge to reply, walk away.  Put down the phone. Stop monitoring 

Limit daily checks for news to twice daily,  morning and night 


10. Shopping and over buying

Again its all over youtube, social media etc.

Just be smart,  buy only for 2 weeks at most.

Do you really need 24 rolls to wipe your arse for 2 weeks in a household of 3 people?

Just stick to normal purchases


Avail of smart phone apps to deliver and minimise exposure to others

JustEat, Deliveroo, BuyMe, UberEats, etc



11. And finally .... keep washing your hands.

Dont touch your face; nor pick nose; 

WASH  hands before leaving bathroom;

There are a lot  of things we do subconsciously .


I have  reviewed cctv to learn from guest habits to improve or tweak signs and inform action etc


Unexpectedly I spotted people touching things after using bathroom, but left without washing hands. I know disgusting. 


It's the little things we take for granted.




Kind regards, be safe, be well, be smart. Be kind to others.



A witty Irish leprechaun from the old country.

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fluff 2 years ago

Aaaagh, not washing hands after bathroom functions. Unfortunately men are far more guilty than women here.

Women's soap dispenser at ground floor toilets needs refilling at least every week, the men's needs filling, erm, when did I last do that? Last month, maybe two.....

Come on guys, "after a grope, use some soap!"