Customer that try to blackmail you



We had 2 customers is different places that tried to blackmail us with bad reviews and did their job very well

we just didn't have any choice and received a bad review.

how do you cope with this kind of customers? (we are a small place)


Thank you very much,



It very much depends on the circumstances, you can usually negotiate a happier outcome.

In more extreme cases let the guest know you can also report them, tell them they can be black-listed ;-) .

You also have the right of reply, assuming a written bad review, where you can set the record straight with cold facts only, no emotion.



I needed few years to accept also those bad revies that were untrue or even true.  Try to move on, improve yourself.. guests come and go. If majority of reviews are positive, you should focus on them. We can't please everyone and being their therapists at the same time. 

Lisa Jing

You cannot do anything about a bad review. Booking.com will not remove it even if you have all the proof in the world that the review was a lie. My suggestion is to leave booking.com. If enough people leave them, maybe they will smarten up.