Data missing in iCal download

We have written a B&B management program which relies on downloading data from the booking providers (Airbnb, HomeAway, Tripadvisor, Booking.com).

Except for booking .com every site offers the capability of blocking particular dates.

Booking.com does offer the possibility in the calendar view of clicking on a date which turns the display into a red blob indicating the property is not for sale on that date. In the monthly calendar view it shows up as "closed"

However unlike any of the other partners when the iCal files are downloaded Booking.com gives no indication that the property is blocked. No record is contained in the iCal files.

Is there another way of solving this problem. The call centre told me that they can see no way other than what we do which is to change the date to a red blob.

Apart from writing this software we do actually offer B&B so it is doubly important to us.

Thanks for any info

-Paul -White-



hi there paul

double check you have the correct setting (see screen shot below) as you should be able to export the closed dates