I am no longer listing my property on Booking.com. I would like to close my account and delete all my listings. Please help me exit as I can't find the option to do that.


Hi! This question keeps coming up time and time again in the partner forum. Since you have a legally binding contract with booking.com, you will need to contact the customer care to initiate the process.

In the meantime do not forget to block your calendar so as not to attract unwanted guests.

Before closing your account be absolutely certain that this is something you want to do long term as otherwise you will need to go through the whole registration process. maybe instead for now keen the calendar closed.


GL with whatever you decide.

Spencer Kissack

I too want to close my account with booking.com, I seriously do not like the way they operate. There is no one to contact! At Air I don't have a problem contacting, even speaking with someone. So, above, 'jaybeegee' talks about being in a contract with booking.com and so having to contact 'customer care' . I am not a particularly stupid person - I managed to START an account here with booking.com ! But finding 'customer care' or anyone to talk to, get sensible communication out of is like looking for the Holy Grail.

Using this site is, in my opinion, from a hosting pov, tortuous.

How do I SIMPLY close my account?     Please.


Hello Spencer Kissack! Welcome to the Partner Community. Thanks for sharing your experience. Can you tell us more why you were looking for support? What problem were you trying to fix?