Dealing with different infant, child and adult rates for different room types.


Is there a facility that I just can't seem to work out that allows you to have different rates for extra infants, children and adults?

I understand you can add child rates into the policy section however this increases the occupancy allowed in the room which does not work.

For example my max occupancy in a Standard Room is 4.

This could be one of any of the following combinations (2A) (3A) (4A) (2A 1C) (2A 2C) (3A 1C) (2A 1C 1IN) (2A 1IN) (3A 1IN). This room can have a cot or a rollaway but it cannot have both at the same time.

Every other channel I work with has a facility to add a different extra adult, extra child and infant rate for each room type, but I just cant seem to work this out with booking.com.

Thank you for your help.




I have the same problem.

Have space for 5 persons in one bungalow.

If my standard occupancy is 5, only 5 adults can stay and I cannot enter a child policy. However, if I enter a child rate, it increases my capacity to 5 adults + 3 children = 8.

If I change to standard occupancy =2, I can specify the rate for children and adjust the capacity to 2 adults + 3 children. However, the bungalow appears to have a capacity for only 2 persons, and if there are 3-5 adults they cannot book...


Peel Forest Farmstay

I also the same problem, I have a bunkroom with 7 beds, could be adults, could be children or any combination but B.com/extranet doesn't allow any flexibility and I get no feedback from them.

Very Frustrating!

Peel Forest Farmstay

I contacted Booking.com and was told that they couldn't or wouldn't change the system for one or two hosts. The only hope I can see of changing their behavior is if enough hosts give negative feedback on this issue maybe they will do the sensible thing. I don't know if anyone on their staff monitors this conversation.