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Delete Listings Help Needed as no reply from any help numbers

I have a duplicate listing that I set up when learning the system. Both are closed/non bookable status. 

I am ready to get my listing live now but I cant as I have two listings with the same address both set as closed. I want to delete them both and start again. The help portal advises to go to the group home page select the property and then select delete. This is dated information, as is most in the help section, and this option to select or delete is not there (see screenshot) 

I have called 14 times now to the booking.com uk numbers and not managed to get a call answered yet, I hgave left messages and not received a call back and emailed without a reply. If this was any other company I would just move on but I see there to be some value here in the bookings so I am trying this forum. 

My property is listed on airbnb and is doing great, I hope to have this resolved by someone who actually knows what they are doing

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Unfortunately this is the partner forum so while I sympathise I am unable to help. Have always used the email and got good responses.  

1 year ago
Mark Castley

Another crazy issue with booking.com, they directed me here to get help. Will continue to try 

1 year ago
M Adamopoulou

Dear Mark welcome to the Partner Community.

So sorry to hear about your struggles.

As far as I know only booking.com can deactivate a listing. so maybe you should send a message request through your Extranet inbox to cancel one listing.

To make your listing bootable you have to open your room in your calendar and make sure status is not in 0 rooms.

I know its frustrating in the beginning but eventually you will find your way.

Wish you luck.

1 year ago