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Delete my Property

Dear Booking, 


Please note that i would like to delete my property on booking but i cant find a way to do that, Could you please let me know how can i delete it, Since im not ready to use it yet. 


Thank You,


Hi Amanda Haddad! Thanks for your post. 

Could you, please, tell me more about the reasons why you want to delete your property?

All the best!

Jennifer and A…

Dear Amanda, I just talked to the support team on the phone.


You need to send a message through the platform.  In the Inbox section, you click on Messages, then on the bottom right you click on Contact Us, then Compose a new message.   


You need to write "I'd like to end my contract with"


You don't need to explain why - that's optional.


Then, you'll receive an email from Booking asking to confirm and that's it. The property won't appear anymore, and the contract will end after all the bookings made by guests are done or resolved, and after the last payment is sent to you. 


Have a lovely day :)