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deleting my account

hi, I've listed my property on booking, com, but some how I'm denied acces to make any changes or modifications. I was told to contact the admin of the page, but I dont know how to do it, since I'm the only one who listed the property......I also need to change my phone number and couldn't find a way to do it . can you help me with that?

 I'm really dissapointed with I wish  there was an option of contacting a custumer service if there are any issuies. the proces of listing the property, veryficaton process etc is very frustrating.

I must say that Airb&b deals with customers in much better way, their help service is inpeccable.  I think I'll stick with Airb&b, it's much easier. I'd like to delate my account and listed property, but again I couldnt find a way to do it. Please help me with that.

I'd like to be contacted by a human being, rather then having thse conversations via messages.

hope to hear from somebody soon,thank you