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Deleting my account and property to

Please help me how to delete permanently my account and property to booking.con because i don't need it any more thank you so much




You are searching for 'End my partnership ' guide.


Note some of the wording is out of date.


'See contact options' 

Is in inbox > booking messages

Tom Davis

All of the wording is a nonsance, all I want to do is cancel my partnership.

Why do make it so differcult to get off their site?


Hi Tom


Here ya go:

1) In the extranet, go to the ‘Inbox’ tab.

2) Select ‘ messages’.

3) Click on ‘See Contact Options’. << this i

4) Select the ‘Account’ topic.

5) Select the ‘Terminate contract’ subtopic, and complete the process by answering all questions



Kind regards

Tom Davis

Greetings BrookAve - Thank goodness for people like you. I have had countless locally booked 'no shows' and there is no way of contacting people in Fiji to try to get paid when all will provide you with is their mobile phone no. and the town or city or island - no address or other useful contact details.

Airbnb and Agoda are a joy to work with as they take the money up front and remit direct to my bank account. In Fiji on a successful check in I then have to remit their commission which means I have to queue up the the Inland Revenue office to obtain and pay for a tax clearance to take to my bank (more queuing up at the teller) to send them their money. Its a crazy system and here locals know they can book and not turn up if their plans change and you have no way of tracking them down, but meantime of course my callander shows my cottage has been booked so other guests cannot book those dates.

I do not have credit card facilities to charge a guest on booking like the hotels and wont even release to me their credit card details which they advise they have.

Thank you for your simple advice.


Tom Davis



Wow that tax system is crazy and out of touch with current times.


That agoda point you made where guests prepay agoda,  is that by default?



Tom Davis are well aware of this requirement re. tax, in fact their commission invoices have a reminder notice that their bank requires a Fiji Inland Revenue stamp that advises the tax has been paid. Perhaps it is that is crazy and out of touch with modern times in not following Airbnb's payment system!

Not sure what you mean about 'default' as far as my experience goes with Agoda they run the same system as Airbnb - works well for me as if guests choose the cheaper rate that is non-refundable I still get paid.

My last guest was worth nearly $1,000.00 and 'no sho9wed' and I got zilch.

It is not worth the grind trying to work with

Cheers, Tom