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Departure guests have to departure today, but because of covid-19 my country ( georgia) borders are closed for foreign tourists.please help me, what would you recommend me?

Booking number is:***



Hi leri asambadze


  • Current Guests departing
  • Georgia borders closed
  • What country are the guest from?


So since you have not really said much , and reading between the lines, I am guessing you are asking , what should you offer the guest if they cannot fly or drive out of georgia, is that right?


Is there really no option for them to leave?


I would imagine they would be grateful to have somewhere to stay.

They would need to contact their local embassy to find out how they can get out.

I would suggest you help them do that, and let them stay until they can leave.


As that would be both the right and the humane thing to do.



Kind Regards