Disrectful guest

I recently had guests who took the laws into their own hand by removing the extra bottles of wines off the property.  I normally give guests a welcome wine of their choice on arrival.  On leaving their stay they decided to take the balance of the bottles - 4 which were left for other guest arrivals.

I decided not to report the misconduct a day after discovering this and phoned the guest in order to advise my disappointment and the disrespect shown.  The guest said they would pay for the wines in order to resolve the misconduct of the friends accompanying him.  To no avail has any thing been sorted.  

Very disheartened and now will report misconduct immediately.

M Adamopoulou

Hi! -Beverley-Kroutz very sorry to hear about your struggles.

Guests can be so ungreatful sometimes, its a shame.... Next time dont leave anything extra...

Wish you luck....