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Do I have to show complete address in description?

Just wondering if I'm required to show the complete address with the Property Name.   I have always waited to give out the complete address shortly before arrival, for security purposes, on other sites.  This is how VRBO & Airbnb works.


Also,  I just activated my listing but I'm not able to add Additional Fees and Taxes yet.  I have found the section but it doesn't let me add anything.  Is this something that is allowed later instead of at the time of setup?


Pretty sure you do have to show the address.  Bear in mind that VRBO and AirBnb are primarily for private houses but is mainly hotels.  You would not expect a hotel's address to be hidden.

There are a few bits that you can't add until everything is setup.  Allow 24 hours and check again.  If not email the help team using the Inbox icon on Extranet.