Do you market your property to women solo travellers?

Greetings and salutations! I work at Booking, and I am researching an article for the Partner Blog about women solo travellers. I wanted to see if anyone here had any thoughts to share about female solo travellers. 

  • Do you host a lot of solo female travellers? If so, have you learned anything about what their top concerns or preferences are? Do you do anything in particular to address those top concerns or preferences? 
  • Do you try to attract solo female travellers to your property? If so, is there anything specific you do to attract those kinds of guests?
  • Have you had any personal experiences with women solo travellers where you learned something about what this group of traveller needs?
  • Is there anything you do in the extranet or via messaging or anything related to this platform that other partners might find helpful around this topic?  

Any other thoughts you have about women solo travellers — I'd love to hear them. 


Don Burns

My wife and I rent our downstairs guest suite: 2 bedrooms, 1 full-bathroom, a TV lounge and a private balcony that overlooks the pine forest.


If a guest (woman or male) rents one of our downstairs bedrooms, we never rent the second unused bedroom to anyone, unless they are friends or family of that guest.  We tell this in our property description, which arriving guest are very appreciative.


This ensures complete privacy and security for all guests (female or male) traveling alone.


We do attract a measurable percentage of female solo travellers, although a significantly larger amount of single male travellers.

Our multi- camera cctv monitor is displayed for all to see in reception with all general areas covered.

A few blind spots are covered  by a secondary system we monitor more discretely.

Anyone and everyone that enters the hotel and is not a guest of whom we have taken copies of their passports at check in, must leave original, photo I.D. at reception, no I.D. = no entry.

Single travellers, especially females, like to know that they are in a safe environment.

We don't actively target solo female guests although we believe the above is attractive to them and we have seen a small but steady increase, mostly by personal recommendation.


We also try to keep female solo guests on floors away from any number of single/buddy pairs or groups of males, preferring to place the single ladies on floors with families/couples or other like guests.

M Adamopoulou

Hello Eric,

Very interesting research!!!

I do not market my property to women solo travellers but I have some coming mostly for short holidays...just to get away from everyday routine...

Would love to know the outcome of your research...


Hi, I didn't know we have this option to attract female travelers. Where is this option to find? I wish to try.


Eric Suesz - C…

There isn't an explicit option for marking your property as "woman-friendly" so I suppose what I'm most interested in is finding out what partners do to make their property more appealing to women — if anything. 

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Marita,

I don’t think there’s such an option...I guess we can create one???




I have 2 single rooms so we get a lot of people who come on their own, men and women. Of course there are different women, and you can't generelize but I found some major differenses. 

Alot of women who travel on their own seem to prepare well by reading reviews and choosing a place they think they'll like. They often have quite a lot of mesagging before they arrive. While here they are often happy to have converstions about life. Men do that as well but not as much and as deep. Womtaen are also very thankful for advise regarding where to go walking or eating. ra They also are happy for gestures such as organising a taxi for them, especially in the evening.

I think woman generally speaking are more interested in othersand more open for "holiday friendships" but I wouldn't offer anything that imply that they need more help than men.


M Adamopoulou

Hi! Nero and welcome to the Partner Community.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

Wish you well.


We hosted also many solo travelers. We don't offer special rates for solo travelers, basicly they pay the same rate as for two person. The main reason they choose our place is that we are located in a peaceful area but still close to the point of interests.  

niraj verma

This is my very new property home stay approved by Government of India. I live with my family in the property. So I will be welcoming solo women travellers feel like home