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Do your guests bring you gifts?

Hello again!!!

I usually give my guests a small farewell gift when leaving to show my gratitude.

Never expected that a guest visiting  my Studio for the first time would ever bring me a present.

My last guests brought me such a nice gift they really surprised me...

They brought me incredible local products for both me and my husband...I was stunned...

We had exchanged some messages before their arrival about location, directions, amenities etc. so they wanted to show their appreciation.

As stated some time ago in another thread Communication is a grand key to success....

Wishing great moments to everyone...




Isle of Wight …

Sometimes guests have left bottles of wine to say thank you, or to apologise if they broke something or whatever. It's nice to know when they appreciate a stay with us like that. As we have cleaners who work very hard, we let them have the wine - we don't always go to the properties anyway, and the cleaners appreciate the little "bonus". We just ask the cleaners to let us know if someone left something so we can thank them.

M Adamopoulou

Very thoughtful of you to let the staff have little gifts.

If staff is happy you are happy...

Wish you a great evening 

Benita Cyster

Wonderful topic Maria, yes I have received the unexpected gifts 

1. from returned guests , little Emilia 6 years old  , from Sweden brought me a troll

2. recently received lovely shortbread all the way from England from a first time visiting academic professor - the best I have eaten I must say - am trying to source some locally , no luck yet. 

3. a book, or a recipe printed neatly ... gifts makes us all smile and feel appreciated especially when unexpected - 

Have in the past gifted guests with Spekboom plants - as it grows all over the world and is very good in giving oxygen indoors. 


M Adamopoulou

Benita I love Spekboom plants.  I have them in my garden and in the winter I am going to take them inside because I think they dont like  very low temperatures.

Its a nice idea to give small plants for a gift.

Last time I gave my guests oregano, lavender and almond nuts from my garden.

Giving is caring.....

Wish you a beautiful and joyful day...



Yes indeed - we always leave nice things in the fridge and a little basket on the bed.  I just wondered, do they take the plants home?  Just thinking maybe customs might not be happy depending on what country they are travelling too. But we leave lavender bags for their stay and it smells lovely in the room so probably they can cook with the oregano whilst there.  How nice.


Always the Russians bring cakes and chocolate.  So lovely!

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Janefryer, very thoughtful of your guests to bring you cakes and chocolate.  Last year I had very nice Russian guests but this year I have only cancellations from Russia.

Wish you all the best..

M Adamopoulou

Lately I have noticed that everybody has only non-refundable rates!!!

To avoid  many cancellations we are forced us to take unpleasant measures...



Unpleasant for who?  Please don't think that, you are obviously very caring hosts..

If guests like  your place and want to come, they pay the money and come!  This is my first year renting out my home and I have only had non-refundable rates from day one.  I have been booked just about fully for the 4 months that I am allowed to rent my own home so it has in no way been a deterrent.  If anything, people realise that you too, are serious.

If I book a holiday myself  and god forbid should be hospitalised before I can go, I will have the relevant travel insurance to cover the cancellation.  Why should my hosts lose out?

I actually cannot imagine operating in any other way and do not expect my guests to either. It must be mutual respect.   If people booking are not really sure, they should not book.

Simples!  (as we say in the UK)


Hi everyone, 

I tend not to give gifts as such as my bookings tend to be a much faster turnover (one or two day stays), although do give them for stays of five days and longer. Every one gets a complimentary drink on arrival to make them feel welcome, so I guess that's my gift to each guest. 

For returning guests I do leave a little something extra in their room and make it specific to them - my marathon runners, for example, get energy boosting treats. Any children I have in automatically get sweeties, chocolate animal biscuits and juice drinks. 

I've received some lovely gifts from my favourite coffee (two of my marathon runners recently competed in a 60 mile bike ride and when they completed it then rode to a specific shop in another town just to get me some coffee, which was incredibly special and such a lovely thing for them to do), to chocolate from Switzerland. And during the recent Rebellion Festival, another guest brought for me a t'shirt with his radio show logo on. Incredibly kind, thoughtful people. The nicest gift I have received was in the form of a note that I received just last week from a family thanking me for making them feel so welcome, their children thoroughly enjoyed their stay and can't wait to come back. 

As far as cancellations are concerned, it's understandable why smaller business owners opt for non-refundable. When there are events coming up/peak season then I'll do non refundable, otherwise it's a fourteen day cancellation policy. 

M Adamopoulou

Jay thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences with your guests.

Its beautiful when guests show their appreciation!!!

Wish you a great day...