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dog friendly rooms


can you please put on your booking tools we only have limited rooms which we allow dogs and guests booking with you and just turning up with dogs , they must check availability  for a dog room before booking please 

we only have 5 dog friendly  rooms and we are dog friendly and NOT a DOG HOTEL 


Thank you for your cooperation 


Kind regards 


Trefor Squire 


General Manager 



M Adamopoulou

Hello! As this is only a Partner Community you have to resend your message request through your Extranet inbox directly to BDC.

You can also request to have a note in your fine print.

Wish you luck.

M Adamopoulou

Have in mind that no all owner dogs are responsible and don’t care if you don’t have rooms available for dogs and they just bring them along without even giving any notice.

Wish you luck.