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Double booking in December

Hi guys!

I completely messed up and now have a double booking in December due to not blocking out the dates that were booked on another channel.

Yes, I know that I should use a channel manager but they all charge in dollars and it's unaffordable at the moment as we are only now starting to open after the pandemic :)

I feel terrible for the guests but I need to cancel their booking. Any advice on how to do it?

Sharon Powney 1 year ago

Message the guest and apologise and explain.  Do some checking first so that you can give them some alternatives.  Then go into Reservation and click 'Request to cancel' the guest has to confirm.  If you ask to do it for you they will charge a relocation fee.

You can use Sync to update calendars but not 100% reliable as not in real time.

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Miguel 1 year ago

Hello Andrea,

You can also do the research by yourselves. You do have still plenty of time. Try to contact an accommodation similar to yours and offer them the reservation for the price. If they agree then contact the guest (maybe you can offer them some compensation, no need to be money, could be any stuff or tickets for any show in your location).

You will have a happier customer, and more engagement with the community.

And yes, Channel Managers have a cost but I think that it really worths it. 

If you have a vacation rental (and not a hotel) some channel managers are cheap. Good luck!


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