Double Booking...again

Hello fellow hosts,

I have encountered yet another double booking due to Booking.com's faulty sync. At least that's what I am assuming from my research. I don't use any syncing software other than the exported Airbnb and VRBO calendars. I don't believe that has anything to do with iCal. 

So, my first question is: Do I have any hope of cleanly cancelling a booking that is a week out? 

Second, I have requested a cancellation already through Pulse app. Any chance this will get honored? 


Sync does not work in real time.  Huge amount of posts on here about it.  Suggestion is to use Channel Managers so works for a more professional larger setup.

If you are a smaller business (like me) I have turned off instant booking in Airbnb as you can't in Booking.com.  Then if I have an airbnb enquiry I can manually check availability and block the rooms.

Second - unfortunately getting guests to cancel can be difficult if they don't read their messages.  Suggest you give them a ring if you have their phone number and explain.  Perhaps look at alternatives in the area so you have some alternative to offer.  Booking.com will relocate but will charge you.