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Double Bookings - Is This A Deliberate Tactic By

So ..... know there are serious problems with their platform, especially the calendar sync, which allows a lot of double bookings

Yet they repeatedly ignore this

When you report that there is a double booking, they respond by giving you 30 minutes to arrange alternative accommodation and saying that if they have to find the alternative accommodation, they will charge you

The bugs / faults in the systems should be easy fixes for average programmers, yet refuse to even acknowledge any problem

So ..... is this a deliberate tactic by

Is deliberately causing double bookings, and threatening hosts with additional charges, to push hosts to cancel original bookings taken through other platforms? I can't imagine that any reputable company would do such a thing.

Or is it that are just incompetent?


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BrookAve 6 months ago

I highly dobut they are doing that, and yes I would actually say its short sightedness and incompetence of senior management, who direct the web dev team.


and yes it would not take much effort to create a Trigger job that monitors calendar for changes to then trigger a sync outbound. That literally would fix the issue in an instant.




On Event : New Reservation


Set a script to run every 5 minutes, and where a New Reservation is <= 5 minutes old,  



Channel Manager Active : FALSE



Externa Calendar Enabled




Enumerate all External Calendars

For each External Calendar linked 

 Sync Calendar Booking 


If the Communities Team  could get the webdev team working on this , if not already , this is all very doable.  

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Isle of Wight … 6 months ago

It doesn't even need a trigger ....

Sync the calendars 3 or 4 times a day and store the data - simple

Use that data to show availability

If someone tries to book for dates that appear to be available, do a real time sync on the calendar data to check - the user (guest) should only wait another second at most - and let's face it, even if it took 3 or 4 seconds, it's no great hardship for the users (guests)

Yet they just don't do it - they don't acknowledge any problem

Why would such a large company ignore such a big, but easy to fix problem?

Dr Falah Hasan… 6 months ago

Many thanks for your comments, as a new owner/partner (I have just put my two villas on I can not judge the situation but have certainly from faced the problem of double booking (on day one). I have spend a lot of time and effort to find alternatives as on the same day two customers arrived for the same villa with 2 hours difference. did not deny it but did not put enough effort to resolve the problem. 

It is good to know this to have a contingency plan and know our stand with

My regards and best wishes