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Double Bookings - Never Helping Guests With These Again

As we all know, is great at ignoring existing bookings and allowing double bookings

And when you tell them that they've taken a double booking, they say "provide alternative accommodation ... or .... the costs will be charged to you" as if it's your fault that their systems are broken

Had one double booking last week and another this week, thought "Ok, I have some new properties, I'll provide the alternative accommodation" .... big mistake

Guests want the one they booked, nothing else .... ok, so you gave them a free upgrade to a bigger, newer property at no extra cost, with free wifi etc .... but no, they are shocked and disappointed that the property they booked is not available and shout for an hour about it .... and the alternative is never good enough, even though it's better ..... they don't want 2 bathrooms, they only want 1 .... they don't like the colours .... whatever ....

They want what they paid for, nothing more, nothing less ....

So .... all the other double bookings you've taken this year .... *** .... we're not dealing with the problems you cause with your faulty calendar calendars and faulty booking systems .....


Skyline10 5 months ago

I have a strategy that sometimes works:  I phone the guest, explain there has been some kind of error and that I can't accommodate them.  I suggest they cancel and offer to authorise a full refund.  If they agree, I send an email to their message box confirming this.  Usually, they will cancel, and I make refund them.

I use a similar strategy with guests who say they aren't coming but don't bother to cancel because they know they won't be refunded anyway.  I message them saying "If you cancel so that the room appears available, and can find a replacement guest, I'll give you a refund". Since I don't sync my platforms, I can clear the room elsewhere and, if I get a booking from another platform, that's bunce for me.  It's the reason I won't sync. 

If a booker starts out by making a list of unreasonable demands, or ones that contravene my policies before they even arrive, I know they won't be happy here and are likely to leave a poor review.  So I message them saying politely that we are obviously the "wrong kind of place" for them and suggesting they cancel.  I NEVER cancel FOR them.  Hopefully they'll have the sense to do it themselves if  I dangle a refund where appropriate.  I call it "guest filtering".  LOL