Double check Rules and Regulations!!!

Every beginning  is always difficult but  it gets easier from there on...

Being a newbie and not having any experience in the tourist industry I was very worried if listing my property in Booking.com would be a wise idea....

I started with searching and reading many articles in Internet...

When, I  finally decided to list my property in Booking.com I read my contract again and again to understand the rules and regulations...both in Greek and in English.

My searching did not stop there...has never stop and will never stop...

Searching and learning is where the miracle process all begins and this Partner Community has so many miracles!!!

Help articles such as “Working together with Booking.com, Your first steps with Booking.com, Your Rates & Availability” and many many more have helped me understand how Booking.com works.

Thanks to Partners posting and sharing their experience, comments, ideas and suggestions I have avoid making big mistakes.

Sharing is caring...so please share your thoughts...



Thank you for sharing. I learned a lot during set up. Most important to set up payment/banking information asap. Otherwise somehow there will be fake bookings or you won't get money at all... 


Best Guests to All, Marita

M Adamopoulou

Dear Marita, 

Lately, fake bookings and cancellations are too many...

Strict policies help to avoid them.

Thanks to the Partner Community you can explore many ways to make your life easier...

Search...search...you will find very helpful and interesting posts.



Thank you Maria! Strict policy or non-refundable?  Do you do non-refundable policy only for your listing?

Aaltje B.

Yes, correct .

And keep learning, adapting, updating, read the links . It is not easy sometimes, but the hard work paid off. 

Still there and listing gets better and better. 

Never give up.

Ask for help ,no matter what people may think ! 

Keep asking. 


Aaltje B. 

M Adamopoulou

Dear Ella, you are so right...Never give up...

Education never stops....

Wish you a beautiful weekend.