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Double Checking your settings may save you quite a bit of money!

Double Checking your settings may save you quite a bit of money I found out. 

Unknowingly my settings weren't correct, wondering why the bookings didn't come in. 

Also, I still haven't found out why many lookers ( so the listing is available! ) are not turned into bookings. 

Compared to others we are only one fourth when it comes to other listings in the area. 

Will keep investigating. (loads of lookers, not bookers) But have noticed, the kiwi folks look for kiwi hosts. We didn't have many of them via BDC. But the majority of bookers are kiwi with ABB. (??) Weird that.

Location I can't change (farm - 4.5 km from the ocean)  House is super clean. Checking in at 4 - earlier on request.

fully equipped kitchen, welcomed by owners, provided with anything (almost) requested. 

Quality Cot for the infant, fold-out bed for the older child. Super quiet ( that's right, no traffic except for some tractor noise just now and then) 

Super comfy natural super clean bed, with linen sheets, where have you seen this before?  

Fresh air for free, 

anyway, we keep learning! 



Aaltje B. 


Aaltje B.

I may have to find someone else experienced with this system to have a peak at my settings, since I am not 100% convinced if it done correctly. 

Just not one of those naturally talented computer person.