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Dropped in the ranking dashboard and I don't know why..any ideas?


Hello! My question is why in the last months the performace in the searches for my property has gone so low? It had tens of thousands of appearances on the search pages and now it has only a few thousands... I did not change much on site or at property from a few months ago and I am wondering what it might be..Of course in Bucharest the requests may vary from season to season but I guess with not so an important amount. In the last months my prices were almost the same, guest reviews stayed as average above 9 and I had opportunities with price discounts all the time. Hope you can give me some ideas regarding what it might be... Best regards!


M Adamopoulou


I also have same issue...lets see what other partners have experienced....

Thanks for posting...


Unirii View Studio

Also another thing is that for the month October of last year in the performance dashboard I see a huge spike of more than 100k searches in which my property appeared..and in the months after under 10 times less...I wonder what could have happened as I did nothing special in October on the site or property....:) The only thing I can think of is that the universitary year begins in October, but the students are not looking usually for short-term stays, they look to rent a place for long time, at least one year, and in September- October the prices for long term rents in Bucharest go higher

Colleen Accoun…


Hi Unirii View Studio,


Thanks so much for posting this important question! My name is Colleen and I am an Account Executive here at 


There may not be one straight answer for this as the way our ranking works is incredibly dynamic. It can depend on on your own performance, your competitors’ performance and the changing demand in your market. 


Guest behaviour is also a big factor, depending on which filters or sort options they use. Every guest is unique, and their needs change over time. That’s why our ranking algorithm automatically adjusts search results based on guests’ preferences, past patterns of website traffic and other factors that help us make the ranking relevant for each guest.


While there is no single determining factor, conversion – turning lookers into bookers – is important, and improving your conversion rate starts with being seen by more potential guests. You can first learn about the basics of visibility and then discover which tools can boost your visibility.


The 3 most important things to remember - Be available! Be attractive! Be competitive!


For more market specific information for your property, write us an message through the extranet inbox and someone from your local team can contact you to help! 


If you need us again, we’re always here.


Colleen G. Customer Service Team