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So I have a self check-in accommodation, and BDC uses VC quite a bit, which when used by a "normal guest" is fine. (as I'm not onsite to take authorisations) However, I have now been burnt. Last night we had a late booking, that turned out to be "*** guests of the year!" the long story short, police ended up dragging one of them away with outstanding (not in a good way) warrants and evidence of drug use onsite. Both inside the apartment and in the driveway (driveway sales were on point last night apparently). So they trashed the unit, smoked drugs and cigarettes, urinated on the couch and vomited on the carpet and brought two dogs... top guests...

So what settings do I implement to stop this from recurring please team? I don't want to use VC's any more, is this even possible?


Mel @12thteebnb


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Hi Mel


Sorry to hear.


Stopping VCC will not prevent this at all, so I dont reccomend changing it.


However if you can switch to PrePayment, either as VCC still or Payments by Booking.

If you have a POS service such as sumup.com, they have virtual terminal service where you can message guest a payment link to pay a deposit.


I would update the auto message template to say deposit needs to be paid within 1 hour of booking, failure to do so voids booking

At which point you open the reservation click cancel and choose option 1 (failure to pay deposit).


Also under policies enable the  guest phone number and guest address, and if you decide to do deposit same place.





Kind Regards


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