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During Covid 19 Situation, we do survive by improving Staffs skill and flexibly of working time

1. Working Schedule has been revise many many times in each month following by incoming booking. 2. Staffs are pleased to work less if non guest and work more hours if we have guest to keep their job. For example No.1 and No.2;  - weekday, no guest some staffs take turn to leave without pay days/months or get more day off to visit friends and families.  - weekend, some staffs may work more hour than usual 3. We do have hotel group, so we do relocate the specific talented and loyalty staffs to work in each hotel if have guests(none of new staff, none of practising, none of new cost....). 4. one staff can work in many positions, who not open mind to work in another position or other field or help other, they will resign by them self because during Covid 19, none of work has busy.  For example;  - Housekeeping who have skill to cook can cook staff meal  - F & B who have skill in garden, can do gardener we have found that some are happy because they still have their job, not boring and they do what they like. For who unhappy they will leave or resign. 5.The owner and management also work in many positions such as purchasing, reservation, accounting, and so on... We also have a lots of problem but we would like to share some of information that may positive for you. We will also read yours. Thank you very much! MP Goodnight Phuket Villa Hotel Team