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Guests mainly decide for hotels which offer more services. Transportation, laundry, free WiFi, etc.

At this point, breakfast is one of those services Guests find more attractive. Usually, the guest is about to fly early in the morning. Being two, three or four hours before the fly at the airport, takes important time so, if the hotel could offer early breakfast option, the guest would be very happy.

Some small Inns, are offering even 3 or 4 am breakfast service for those travelers/guests who will take a morning fly.

Service is important in general. Why not doing that then?

Early breakfast


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BrookAve 2 years ago

Hi Richard,


this feel more like a state topic and not an actual question. The question at the end appears both ambiguous and broken English or bad grammar, not entirely sure what you are trying to say here.


"Why not doing that then?"