Edit PAX in a room

My Booking.com account was set up using Nightsbridge, a South African property management site. In Nightsbridge, the listings for each of my 4 rooms allow me to show the max number of guests and maximum number of adults. 

Room 1 can take 2 adults (max) + 1 child = 3 PAX.

Room 2 can take 2 adults (max) + 1 child = 3 PAX

Room 3 can take 4 adults (max) + 1 child = 5 PAX

Room 4 can take 4 adults (max) + 1 child = 5 PAX 

When this is transferred through to my booking.com site, it is translated as 3 / 5 ADULTS which is causing a problem. 

I am unable to edit this in booking.com

What am I missing?






Please address this to the Channel Manager support team as its a 3rd party service.


While rooms are defined in a C.M. they also must first be defined in each OTA linked i.e. BdC Extranet.







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