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Electricity Consumption


I am fairly new to hosting and renting my duplex in Sharm-El-Sheikh but so far it is going well.

As the summer starts here in Sharm, temperatures are going to soar and my guests will have to use the AC in the property. I have invested in inverter technology to reduce the cost of electricity. I am concerned about the cost of electricity during this period. 

The dilemma is whether to include the electricity cost in the rate as travellers do not want to have to worry about how much more they will have to pay in electricity. However some colleagues who have used this option, found themselves with huge electricity bills, after the guests kept the AC on 24 hours a day, and ended up making a loss. 

I hesitate to increase the rate to include a high consumption of electricity as it will penalise guests who use the AC reasonably and it may impact the level of bookings.

I am thinking of implementing a fair usage policy but I am not sure how this will be received by the guests. I want to ask for a fair amount for electricity consumption but I do not want to end up loosing money.

Has anyone else faced this issue and how did you solve it?

Thank you


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BrookAve 1 year ago


potential options:


  1. Do make a fair usage policy and include it into new reservation msg template and check-in template as a reminder.
  2. Look into auto off electrical switches, e.g. auto opff after max 4 hours between x-y [day time [ night mode]
  3. smart home gadget controls for AC, that can auto off after x hours, or only if indoor temp >=X and < Y.
  4. during those dates increase the rate,





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