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Embed video of your property into your profile

Hi everyone,


What do you think the chances are of having a video facility, where we can embed a video of our holiday let onto the site?

With technology today, surely this is something that can happen, come on you seriously need to look at this!   

Keep safe and well everyone.

Kindest wishes




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Indeed I posted that one ages ago, still nothing.


So my work around was to use WhatsApp, record myself doing a walk through,  then upbload to,  Mark it as unlisted, grab the link to it and put it into the auto message template.


You could test adding a YT link into the Fine Print.


And maybe in photos text of the shortlist on top of a photo

Account Adviso…

Hi Susan Ellis,


At this stage, we don't yet have the functionality to embed videos on the front end however, I would highly recommend you to use the 360 degree photo function to further engage guests. Most smart phones have the capability to take great panorama shots which can be used to showcase the entire room and if you have the mobile Pulse app, it's easy to upload straight to the Extranet. Let us know how you go!


Kind regards,

Shirley E.