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Error 404 page not found

We have had for the last 5 years an icon on our iPad for Booking,com that takes us directly to the log in page so that we can access the BDC site for bookings, calendar updates etc.,etc

however for the last few days when the icon is clicked to access the BDC site we get an error 404 and message that the page is not found.

any ideas why this might be...?

thank you

Isle of Wight …

The website and systems are full of bugs - we get the same too - if we get a 404 error, it normally fixes itself a few hours later ..... or a few days later ....


Thank you.

we had ur 404 showing for at least 2 days.

resolved today by deleting that icon and then logging back int partner central and setting up a new login icon which is now working fine.

all a bit of a pain !

Federico Jankilevich

I'm getting the same error. I recieved the following E-mail:

"Dear Partner, We haven’t yet heard from you about whether you’re a professional or private host according to EU law. To comply with a new requirement of European consumer law, we need you to provide us with this information by 1 June 2020."

Then I try to Log In and it returns an "Error 404. Page Not Found" everytime I Log In after validating username and password. Any and all advise is welcome. Thank you in advance.


Hello Federico Jankilevich! Welcome to the Partner Community, and thanks for your question. Will you share a screenshot of the error, please? Have you tried to clear cache & cookies?