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Excellent guests!!!

Hello guys!!!

Do you believe there are excellent guests???

Until now I thought that is impossible!!!

My last guests have left me speechless!!!

Although my Studio is fully self catered with many extras, sheets, towels, toiletries, food, juices, wines, coffee etc. my guests didn’t touch anything...

They left the house so nice, clean and tidy I was amazed.

They even folded used sheets, towels and table cloth.  They placed them nice on a chair and not just drop them down dirty and filthy as some do!!!

Being a family with kids they caused no extra shouting or litter anywhere!!!

On top of their kindness  they gave my granddaughter a nice dolphin necklace!!!

Above all they were very kind, polite and respected our home as if it was their home and promised to come back as soon as possible!!!

I guess when you give kindness it returns to you in multiple ways!!!

I already miss them and wish them a safe and happy return to their home... can be fun...

Wish everybody joyful guests.

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Marie van Rensburg 2 years ago

I too had a guest give me a gift!! It really touched me!

Having a sign in the house asking guests to leave it in the condition they themselves would like to walk into the house in, has helped tremendously. My husband and I clean everything ourselves, and more often than not, our guests leave our establishment in a great condition!

It's a great gift to any host!

Enjoy it! 

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Yes Marie, it certainly is a nice gift finding our place clean and tidy.

When guests respect our houses they respect themselves.

It worth’s all the effort...

Wish you all the best.

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Marie van Rensburg 2 years ago

I am situated in a small town on the West Coast of South Africa. The people are friendly, helpful and pleased to see 'new faces'. The town is starting to grow quite a bit, but the people have not let themselves be intimidated by the growth and influx of new people.

I appreciate the comments made by the two ladies and shall see if I can learn how to respond on this site, quicker.... am just waiting for guests to contact me so that I can prepare for next guests!

Keep well.... and busy everyone!

Kind regards