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Exclude Genius Guests from a Rate Plan

We offer 15% Genius discount off our standard rate. We want to add an Early Booker/Non-Refundable rate at 20% off our standard rate. But obviously want to exclude the Genius members from it. (35% off is not viable.) Anyone know if this can be done and if yes, the basics of how. I've got no issue with how to create and activate the new rate. Just cannot find anything to exclude Genius members from it. Thank you.

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The trick is to only apply genius discount to one of your room types and not another or not all Room Types.


You could also add an additional Room Type and treat it as a Virtual Room Type mirroring an existing Room Type but you , flip flop the inventory between them.


This is particularly useful for special events, seasonal events etc.

Reccomend you map it out on paper or in a spreadsheet first before implementing it.


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13 days ago
Account Adviso…

Hi Sirinthon,

Have you thought about offering Genius 10% and Early Booker/ Non Refundable 10%? This will help to keep within your discount perimeter while at the same time targeting at Genius Guests and also those who are keen to book early/ non refundable with you!


4 days ago
M Adamopoulou

Thanks for this advice...

It's a wise alternative and I might also give it a  thought...


Wish you well.

3 days ago