Experience turns hosting into a passion

I make it a point to supervise every corner of my property before every guest comes in and it is always myself   who welcomes the guests.  The initial meet and greet has to be your best ever - it is of vital importance that the guests feel you are giving them a genuine warm welcome.

I like reading about  what  top  hotels provide and where i can  i do it.  It does not have to be anything big  - let me give you an example - learn how to do your beds the professional way  and use best white linen,  leave a small tray with a bottle of water, a glass and some mints next to the bed -  if you have a  couple for a special holiday - get them a bottle of  Champagne instead of the normal Local Wine.

Leave some chocs for  children -  make sure your tea and coffee  is  more than enough - make sure your basics  like salt, pepper, oil,  whatever is there  as well. 

Leave a leaflet with as simple as possible info  about how to access the most beautiful places in your area.

But above all  - do all this from the heart - and when you have a bad guest - just think about all the other good ones. 

Happy Hosting

M Adamopoulou

Hi Mariacbuhagiar and welcome to the forum.

I love passion thats why I decided to start hosting. Until now I am very happy about hosting and I dont understand all the nagging going around. I always treat my guest as family. I welcome them with my biggest smile and make them feel at home from the very first moment they step in my house. Chocolates, cookies, cakes, fruits, juices, spices, oil, herbs, tea, coffee,wines etc. all for them to taste.


Hello - thank you - i am rather new to the business - just been 10 months now.

So far overall i had great guests and was a pleasure hosting them. I only had 2 very bad ones - 1st family even did 2K worth of damage - the 2nd was one of those who was all smiles and everything ok but left a very bad review and the 3rd one complained and because she had a very slight point i asked that she be refunded. So overall yes i agree with you

M Adamopoulou

Mariacbuhagiar I am also a newbie I am only 6 months. Being a member of this forum has enlightened me very much since everything is new and confused. I was lucky from the beginning and my guests have been very nice and responsible.
Cheers .