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Hi , I use a channel manager bed24.com. When I save room rate: Ich get a booking.com error message 

 : Code 10 - One class service CancelPolicy: Property PrepaymentPolicy is not allowed for object 

But I use only the selection from the dropdown menue?

Guest can cancel cost free 14 day before arrival.....


Any help? Thank you



M Adamopoulou

Hi! Peter and welcome to the Partner Community.

I think our partner, Barry is using bed24 so if he sees the post he will certainly help you.

Best wishes.


I tried to set it up alright but in end aborted and rolled it back.


THe error would suggest there is a mismatch on the policy setup on the BdC OTA versus the Beds24 config. You will need to review what the BdC policy section config you have and amend it first so that it matches .


Not all C.M. are alike and only certain features are supported.

I would suggest you contact the beds24 support to confirm if you cant see it in BdC config.


Kind Regards.