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Extra cleaning supplies for guests!!!

Hi Partners,

Since some guests prefer to do extra cleaning  themselves while staying, due to Coronavirus I provide following extras:

  • Disposable paper towels
  • Disposable gloves
  • Multi-surface cleaner
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Antibacterial hand sanitizer
  • Extra hand soap

Maybe I should also add a photo of these extras in my listing....

Your thoughts and suggestions are very much appreciated.

Wish everyone healthy guests.


Hey M Adamopoulou! Thank you very much for sharing your experience. I will be happy to feature your post. 

M Adamopoulou

Many thanks Sergei...

Rebuilding is our new challenge...

Wish people start traveling...we miss them and are awaiting to service them again staying healthy and safe...

Cheers!!! Let’s enjoy our summertime!!!


I think this is a really good idea.  The guest doesn't know how thoroughly a room has been cleaned so may want to have a wipe around themselves.  I always leave disinfectant wipes in the bathroom cupboard so guest can have a clean if they want.

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Sharon for sharing your thoughts.

As a guest myself when in holidays, I do exactly what you mentioned...

I wipe around before I place my belongings in the property.

I also used to leave cleaning products but now with Coronavirus I thought that these extra supplies will be appreciated by guests.

Wish you healthy and safe bookings.


yes, exactly.

Its like the hotel mentality of , oh these tiny soap, shower gell bottles, becomes a collection of things to take with them on checkout.

And its not that most who do it are cleptos, its just a novelty or convienence

Andrew Bonsu

Sorry for the late reply, yes, they take everything or anything they like.

M Adamopoulou

That’s awful...

I guess some people don’t respect the accommodations as they should...

Take care!!!


Heather Barfoot

We provide cleaning supplies too and, purposely, have a handheld vaccum and broom in a visible spot. We've been extremely fortunate and in all but one instance, the house has been left in excellent condition. I think the discreet visibility of cleaning supplies sends the message that we care about the space and we assume our guests do too.

We've had no problem with items going missing so far. I guess, human nature being as it is, it will happen eventually.

M Adamopoulou

Heather, I agree with you we have been very fortunate too but may it also helps that we live in site...

Most guests respect our home...they leave it as clean as they found it and appreciate that very much and always thank them afterwards...

Some hotels have beautiful tiny guests May take them for souvenirs...

Aaltje B.

I used to have big bottles of everything so people could use whatever they need. But often they take more then they need.... topping up their own! I was in a hotel lately where I liked seeing the built in (attached to the wall) soap container, so people can use what they need per day. It was super clean, so didn't feel the need for extra cleaning. If not sure, extra airing (if there are windows!) is really helpful. And if you insists in cleaning: using rubber gloves that you can use again would be helpful to save the environment. You can easily wash them inside and out with soapy water. Enough to kill the virus. Make sure you keep some money for yourself Maria. The people will come back, I can hear them coming ;)

M Adamopoulou

Nice to hear from you Aaltje,

I like the build in soap dispenser...but it reminds me of hotels...

I guess people will start traveling when the time comes....

Thanks for your suggestions I 

Le Balcon des Jasses
Great, you protect your guest and your self, your home. We all have responsibility if we do Bed and Breakfast. I would like to know if you take a small extra payment, to cower this. I can tell you, I take 4 € per. person per day, for Cleaning. I offer free mask, sanitizer stay with the front door. I'm making a Certificate in every room with my signature to prove the room is clean, and bedding are washed on 90 degrees, (it smell as a Hospital) I need almost fully booked from I open the 16 June, and I am fully booked to our August. But very few international Bookings. So far, no one complains about the extra fee for cleaning. So I'm cowherd now. Nice to know what you are doing. Good day, and good morning from Lucy in France.
M Adamopoulou

Dear Lucy, 

No, I don’t charge extra for cleaning...I have raised a little my prices...

Nice to hear you are fully booked....

Wish you healthy guests and great summertime...


its not a permission thing, its entirely up to you.


Kind Regards, Be Safe Be Well


Thank you. 

I find it that some guests are releaved not to be reminded by corona, we have a small vacation appartment. Just providing soap now, before they needed all these themselves.

Do you think we should add more? 




Honestly a bar of soap is not the same thing as a 75% alcohol based liquid hand sanitiser.

The soap bar wont kill anything.


Of course unless you have found one that specifically says it contains that  then definitely not.


Kind Regards, Be Safe, Be Well

M Adamopoulou

Dear Barry,

I think we should all try to do extra certainly won’t harm us...

This virus is a pain on the neck!!!

We are enjoying summertime but hope we stay healthy when fall comes!!!

Clean....clean...clean...and stay safe.

M Adamopoulou

Unfortunately Corona is still our hands with soap helps a lot.

To keep us safe and healthy, extra cleaning  is needed...

Welcome to the Partner Community and keep safe...

M Adamopoulou

Hi! and welcome to the Partner Community.

Bansko is an amazing place all year round...

Wish you great summer season.