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Extra space

Hi there!

I have my property out for holiday rental where the main house con lodge 8 people and I have 2 extra fully equipped rooms 10 feet away in case they are needed, but always linked to the rental of the main house. How can you include them as "on request" while advertising the house for 8 people only?


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Hi Rafael Winckelmann


The simple answer is you need to treat the two other rooms as a different room type with a count of 2.


That will give you the ability to have them appear in the search results, even when some one books the other 8, these 2 as same type should be available.



Or treat each one as a different room type with count of 1 each. depending on what you prefer.

Kind Regards.



PS : do not forget to put your property link into your partner profile , it helps us fellow partners help you.


Click my name for profile to find the How-To guide I wrote.

10 months ago
Rafael Winckelmann

Thanks Barry!!

 Including them as living rooms with sofa beds will have to do, right?

Best regards

9 months ago
Community Admin

Hi Rafael Winckelmann! Thanks for posting in the Community!


There are no specific setting that would help you to register a room "upon request".

You can either add it as a part of the house and have an option to rent it for 8 and for 10 guests or you can treat it as "extra beds" for an additional price and add it via "Policies" page.


Best regards!

10 months ago