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EXTRANET NEW FEATURE - Convert Flexible Rate Plans To Flexible 1 Day



I noticed last week, we now have a new option under Rates & Availability, called : 

Rate Plan Optimisation  

Direct link…


What is does is list all your current Rate plans that are Flexible and lets you decide if some or all should be converted to :

Flexible – 1 day

The guest can cancel for free up to 1 day before arrival. The guest will be charged the cost of the first night if they cancel within 1 day before arrival.

You don't require prepayment: In case of cancellation or no-show, take care of collecting your cancellation/no-show fees directly from the guest.


 Of course and as stated if you do not have prepay enabled, you need to deal directly with the guests for payment.


Using Payments by BdC or having a account device and a virtual terminal service from sumpup or another 3rd party payment gateway service will allow you to message, email sms a payment link for prepayment.



Kind Regards


rate opti menu

rate optimisation

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Barry,

Do you think this option will help us hosts???

I believe we will be faced with too many cancellations...what do you think???



Hi Maria,


The way I see it ,  its just another rate plan to entice potential business to an audience we would otherwise be missing out on.


The nice part is you still get something for it. for Flex 1 Day. I just finished creating a new set of Rate plans based on my 3 Non Refundable Rate plans 


N.R. 3 night   >>> Flexi 2 day, +25%  based on NR 3Night plan.


I usually have plans for 

Min Stay 1, 3, 4, 7


Using the Calendar view you can then preview the rates by date for each plan for each room/type.

This way you can see if you made a mistake or to simple get  an idea of costs.


Then I usually try run a few scenarios using the Property Listed page for my own property

and pick various lengths of stays , for upcoming month, and then in other season to see where it needs to be tweaked



M Adamopoulou

Thanks Barry...

I’ll think about it...

You mean we can create new rate plan???

I thought that we could change one of our rates into Flexi 1day...

M Adamopoulou

This is what I see in my new rate plan....

“Which rate plans do you want to convert to Flexible - 1 day?”

Underneath I see only one box to tick for standard rate...

Am I wrong???




Yes if you only have one Flexible Rate Plan which is higher than 2 days flexible then when you tick it and then submit it will be changed to a new policy of , can cancel up t o1 day prior and liable for first night.


So yes you will only see some plans if they qualify.


The danger with any is if you do not have a prepayment enabled for Payments by BdC and no way to do direct payments with guest, then you weil not be able to chase the guest for payment for the first night.

M Adamopoulou

Exactly...BDC facilitates payments for me so I cannot have prepayments...

So I guess my only option is to leave my rate plan as it is....

Thanks again for your helpful comments...

Take care...




ermm... no


If you use Payments by BdC , that is the prepayment, so youre fine and already covered.


That was just to clarify for others who are not.