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Facilities for disabled guests

i disabled the point: Facilities for disabled guests yes/no.

but it shows in my property description that i have those features. what can i do...? it looks like booking.com have a bug or glitch...


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Community Admin

Hello Andre Gessner! Thank you for your post in the Community! Please be aware that it can take up to 48 hours for the changes you have made to be reflected in the description! In case the description is not updated after this deadline, please do inform us via your Extranet so that we can check the status further. Best of luck! 

9 months ago
Andre Gessner

thanks, for the fast response. in fact: i "No-Checked" this option since my start with booking.com. just now by double checking i did figure it must be there since the begin. and that is my concern...that maybe we have a bug in the software (i design and engineer websites)...lets give it a 48 hour chance...i checked it now on and off, lets see. if this doesn't change, then it could be a remarkable problem.

9 months ago