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fake reservations


I received 3 fake booking in this week. I would like to chat with someone at booking about this very inconvenience situtation. have to avoid this fake reservations. 


When I check the guest infos like adress telephone numbers I can see all are fake. And different bookings with same below notes:

''I am travelling for business and I may be using a business credit card.''


Then finally by deadline for payment I am receiving canccellation mail due to invalid credit card number!


By this way I am loosing business while giving stop sale till cancellation deadline due to fake guest reservation!


I am waiting your help/reply soon.

Thank you,

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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago

Hi Murat and welcome to the Partner Community...

It happens to everyone to have fake reservations.


Maybe your restrictions should be more strict...less bookings but secure ones...

Wis you well.

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BrookAve 1 year ago


Hi Murat ,


Its much simpler than that all you need to do is :


  • Open the reservation page
  • On right pane click Request Cancellation
  • Choose option 1. Follow the prompts.




That Work travel message is standard when someone ticks the box [] Travelling for Work.  Its just a generic system message, and not set by the guest. 


The strategy proposed is enable Prepayment under Property > Policies

By doing so , the default is Guest must prepay you directly.


This allows you to also use the Request Cancel - option1 when they fail to do so with in your prepay policy of X hours or x days.


So that as a minimum can help get rid of messers, who  do not prepay with in those terms.


You set those terms in The Fine Print and in the auto message template for new reservations. In the first paragraph so they cannot say they didnt know.


Then when the fake reservations book and you have not received payment  instant or within x days you are free to initiate cancellation quickly.


The payment method s you tell them to use will determine how fast you recieve payment. 


From sending a payment link by message to taking CC details over the phone.




Kind Regards