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Feedback from Guest


I have received feedback from Guest *** from Cech republic

All numbers from feedback are 10, 10 for all feedback but the total is 9 and i dont know why???

If all the feedback is 10 why the total is 9? it does not make sense. help and advise


Review system was changed some time ago and we were notified of change.  It allows guest to do an overall score as well as individuals.  I have had the same review myself and really frustrating.

Richard Osborn

Just talked to a supervisor about this.

We have had 2 this years only with an average of 7.5.

Last year the same 2 reviews would have been a 9.5.

They take 15% of our money and don't care what there *** does to our businesses.

He says they have had no complaints about the new system.


I am only paying them 8% because of the damage done because of my over all rating.


I am surprised they haven't changed it because if everyone's score reduces it doesn't look good for either.