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Fixing software problems

Wenn wil the technical issue being solved of receiving guest request that the guest did not send?


I have no clue why my post has been edited.

It looks like we have had to edit your post. Fixing software problems

This means your post included inappropriate content, private information, was incoherent, irrelevant or duplicated.

It is a question, it did not have any inappropriate words nor private information, was not duplicated and although I am 62 I believe it was not incoherent.

I read the community guidelines completely and there was no information that i can not post messages that are not being liked by Being the victim of technical issues makes you feel lonely and sharing it within a community could help.


Hello Schlossberg-Hotel! Welcome to the Partner Community, and thanks for posting. Could you please share more details?


Thanx Sergei for your response,

the last couple of weeks We receive with every booking a request to have a quiet room. It was always the same text in German and for the last week we also receive this request in other languages but again it is always the same text. I contacted the support team and they told me it would be a technical error and they were working on it. Nevertheless we currently do not know if the request from our guest are genuine or a malfunction.

Maybe you can use your influence to have this issue repaired.

Kind regards, Winfried

M Adamopoulou

I face the same situation...

Hope Sergei can give us more details...

Wish you well.


For now consider it an automated message to ignore.


As its an oxymoron statement for a guest to request a 'quiet room' so it really wont be a real request.

Its like asking a building site worker to fetch a sky hook or a sky ladder.



M Adamopoulou

As soon as a bug disappears another one appears!!!