Flowers play a wild role in Hospitality!!!

Hi everyone!!!


My yellow daisy that blooms only in Wintertime bringing sunshine to me...my neighbors...my guests...

Flowers always make people better...happier...

Fellow Partners let’s make this Community a more colorful one... 

Please share photos with your beautiful flowers to give us hope and encouragement for this coming year!!!



Myat Noe Oo

Hi Maria,

Good Morning to you ! It's 10am here in Myanmar. The flower bloom in my garden as below photo. Sadly I don't know the name of flower but beautiful in morning time. Your flower is yellow and mine is pink. It's colorful in partner community. Hope all have a nice day !!


flower bloom in garden

M Adamopoulou

Hi Myat and good afternoon!!!

Is this a bush???

I haven’t seen one like it...it’s beautiful...

Keep on sharing your beautiful flowers and if possible find what their name...


Wish you a wonderful evening...

M Adamopoulou

Hi Ella,

What a wonderful daisy!!!

Is this a perennial flower???

Is it easy to grow???


Thanks Ella for your beautiful flower!!!

Wish you a pleasant and relaxing afternoon.

Aaltje B.

It is perennial , it looks like a wavy wide skirt blown by the wind, haha 

They are very fine flowers and have seen them in white and blue's purple .

They will survive some frost but not too much. 

A garden centre may sell them  or a garden friend may want to share. 

Is it still raining there near your guesthouse ? 


M Adamopoulou

....It looks like a wavy wide skirt blown by the wind....

I like that very much...ha...ha...


I will search to find them...I like them very much...

No, it’s not raining...the last week we have temperatures above 20...today 24...people swim!!!

Next week there’s a forecast for a drop of 10 degrees...brr!!!



Aaltje B.

If there is rain  then there is wind . 

Open all windows to make the viruses blow away ! 

This virus hates wind !! 

Enjoy the wind , the rain  and then the sunshine again. 

M Adamopoulou

I always open windows inside doors Ellla...

Its a habit I do every morning no matter what the weather is...

We are lucky because here up the hills we are never without wind...


I hope wind keeps Corona as far away as possible...



M Adamopoulou


My Pyracantha shrub!!!

It grows without any care and gives my garden a beautiful color!!!

M Adamopoulou

Today, I had to bring my blooming Money Tree inside because it started snowing!!!