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Fluffy towels!!!

Hi everyone!

Fluffy beautiful towels can give a little luxury to our lives!

I prefer Egyptian cotton towels...they are not only "fluffy", soft to the touch, but they also look great and are very durable and absorbent!!!

I love white towels....they are very elegant...but I also love the bright colored ones...colors up our life!

All of my guests are excellent but sometimes my poor towels are not treated properly by breaks my heart every time I see my beautiful new towels damaged...

I personally have been using my own towels for many years over and over again and they are still nice and beautiful...I really dont understand how people can damage towels just by using them a couple of times!!!

Please share your thoughts...I would love to hear some ideas how to save my towels...

Wish everyone all the best....

Sharon Powney

I totally agree.  I use big white bath sheets and have to inspect them before putting in the machine to add spray over any stains as extra cleaner.

One of my pet hates is people using white flannels to take off make up.  Then I can't get out the mascara.  Recently started using the flannels that are darker in colour and embroidered 'Make up' and put one in the bathroom, in addition to the one that they each get.  Seems to have solved the problem.

M Adamopoulou

Hi Sharon and thanks for sharing...

Darker ones might be the solution...

Sometimes I have to soak and wash towels more than once to get them clean...

Yesterday I bought yellow ones...I don’t think it was a wise idea but couldn’t resist them....they are incredible!!!