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Free WIFI available update

To whom this may concern


Will you please update my listing to access to free WIFI. I am unabke to find it in the facility tab.


Kind regrads


Aaltje B.

Hi Carina, 


What do you mean with: update my listing? 


Aaltje B. 






Hi Carina, 


Two things, ...1 you need to do it yourself via extranet.


2. I would suggest you go to Property menu and then View Descriptions, and add it into the fine print.


Then go through all the facilities amenities  etc I'm pretty sure is in there as an option 


Kind Regards

M Adamopoulou

Hi Carina, since this is only a Partner Community we cannot update your listing but you can add it yourself.

In your Property tab find Amenities there scroll all the way down to find 

"Mobile Hotspot device" this is and safe.

Hope this helps.




Mobile hotspot device is actually not a wifi service.


It's something in addition to.


Its actually a device some places 1% might offer for internet connection. 


They are also not very reliable in my experience 



Community Admin

Dear Carina! Thanks for posting in the Community!


You can update WiFi settings in the "Property" tab - "Policies" (section "Other policies").


Best regards!

M Adamopoulou

In rural places there is no Internet Connection so WIFI is a fine solution.

For country lovers!!!