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Fully flexible rate

Hello we have a fully flexible rate but when using boooking.com I can't see an option for this rate.

If you could advice that would be very much appreciated!!

Thank you!

M Adamopoulou


In your Extranet under Policies you can choose a fully flexible rate.

Have a good day.

The Granary at…

I actually mean from a customers perspective.  When on Booking.com (not extranet) where does the flexible rate appear?  I can't see it.

M Adamopoulou

When you search for availability you should see rates and policies...

Is that what you mean???

M Adamopoulou

You can edit your profile and add your property link so partners can check your listing...



Indeed what Maria just said, before posting make sure you have finished you partner profile to include your 'View My Listing ' link.


How & Why Add your Listing to your Partner Community Profile

Without that we cant see the public listing. and going in blind.


Typcially reason for not seeing a specific scenario is the dates selected, are over lapping with restrictions set on some or all of those dates:


Nor Arrivals,

No Departures,

Min length of stay 



send us the link , along with the test dates.



Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide

Reminder partner only community, has no link to BdC support, you must contact them directly.  


Kind Regards

The Granary at…

Right I've now put the link on my profile.

I'm just curious as to how a customer finds our flexible rate on our listing, as I can't seem to see it anywhere??


Thanks for your help!

The Granary at…

Could you please advise on where a customer sees my flexible rate as I can't see it anywhere?

M Adamopoulou

Your Guest House is beautiful....I love your colorful pillows...

I see 4 rates...2 of them have cancellation 2 days before arrival...this is your full flexible rates..

What do you see???


i just searched Nov 17th - 21st


and its working fine,


I see two rooms,


room1  : 2 rates  (free cancelation  & partial refund)


room 2 family  : 3 rates:

free cancel, partial and non refundable


to me thats working as free cancellation is for up to 14th november.


i'm thinking fully flexible should be up to the check in date. but i may be wrong.




Then I did December  6th - 11th,  similar results.


check the cancellation section under policies and then on the right pane , click the advanced option to bring up the extra setttings options.



Account Adviso…

Hi The Granary at Fawsley,


As mentioned by other partners on this post, it may be worth to check your restrictions to ensure you are not limiting your property across any dates that you want to be bookable on. You can check your restrictions by following this handy guide.


Please also make sure you are doing a test search outside of your free cancellation policy so you can see the free cancellation option. If you are doing any searches within the cancellation period, your rates will show up as non-refundable straight away. 


Kind regards,

Shirley E.