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The future

My Cottage is on a Nature reserve on which I also work. We are presently closed, of course. My 3 bedroomed Cottage is one I share with visitors and my time with has allowed me to welcome a full range of guests including Astronomers, Families from Italy and lot of local folk as well. As my job on the reserve is ferrying visitors to the local Castle over a river, and there are also Ospreys and Pegerine Falcons nearby, my other interest in wildlife photography fits in well and allows me to offer visits to the Castle as well. My future at the stat of this next holiday season is unsure, with so much changed in the last year and the added uncertaiinity of Brexit, so are there any general tips about how to next proceed. Thank you in advance


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Account Adviso… 1 year ago

Hi lewis wilde,


You're very lucky to have such a property in such a great location! If you are considering to open for the coming holiday season, it would be worth relooking your policies and offering as much flexibility as you can. We saw more guests opt for more flexible policies with the uncertainty of COVID so it's important to ensure you are matching booker trends. I'd also recommend reviewing your Health & Safety measures in the Property tab to give guests peace of mind if they are concerned about cleaning measures.


Even if guests are not able to travel right now, it's always a good idea to review your listing to ensure you are optimised for when travel returns. Remember, guests who aren't able to travel now are definitely still looking online for their next trip so make sure your listing remains attractive.


Kind regards,

Shirley E.